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Rise Up. Speak Up. Join Up. officially launched in 2020 as a vehicle to deliver America the truth it deserves. Headed by myself, 50-year-old veteran Clarence Richard, aka, Uncle Sam, and filmmaker Billy R., we are consistently developing content and doing our part to educate the public on the most important issues. Billy and my late son Ryan produced films in Hollywood a dozens years ago and won Best Documentary awards at the NBC/Universal Film Festival and Las Vegas International Film Festival. Besides my hard hat, Uncle Sam hat, and NYFD baseball cap, I am now finding myself wearing another hat, a hat of a filmmaker.


On this website we will address a list as long as our arms regarding various pressing issues. We will focus on politicians up for reelection, primarily overturning P.O.T. Governors, MN Senators, and US Senators.


We just launched our GoFundMe campaign in order to aid in our effort to dismantle political corruption. We will speak truth to power, and the real power lies with the people. Let’s continue making this important conversation together and ensure we do not have a repeat of the 2016 election. We are already making a dent.


I’ve run my own businesses for 40 years. I have achieved every goal along the way, employed dozens, trained thousands, and developed the undeveloped to make the system work. I won’t waste your time or money, and I won’t bore you.

I am retired from my company and have duties as a consultant to the new owners. Other than that, I'm all yours.

You are my inner circle, spread the love.
See you down the campaign trail.


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